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What Questions Should You Ask of Your Online Date

For any person dating online, it is necessary to determine whether or not he or she is a suitable match for you. To make that judgment, a few suitable and important dating questions can be asked. These questions need not be asked in fall sweep because the other person may think that they are being interviewed or something. Instead, ask these questions should be asked back and forth slowly over a few notes. There are ways to collect data on your partner while having fun. The real self of a person cannot be determined through the non-verbal communication on the internet, but these questions should give you an idea about their pattern of thinking and a general idea of their personality and character.

What Are You Looking For in a Relationship?

Your first and foremost question should be “What are you looking for in a relationship”? There are many answers to this question like I’m looking for a life partner, etc. Depending on the answer of this question, you can evaluate their intentions and determine whether you both are looking for the same thing since most people are fairly honest about their intentions on the internet.

Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

Another question could be asked about their most embarrassing moment. This will help you determine whether your potential online dating is equipped with a sense of humor and you will also be able to determine the level of humor of your potential online date. Besides, sharing such embarrassing stories is one of some great ways to make your online date feel comfortable so that they can open up to you as well. Just remember to pick a funny story or a cute or funny habit of yours.

Your Ideal Saturday Morning

Asking what their ideal Saturday morning, looks like will let you have a general idea of their schedules and how they spend their weekend. Having similar ideas of how to spend the weekend or having the same schedules is a good indication of compatibility with your online date.

What Part of My Dating Profile Compelled You to Write to Me

Asking this one question will make sure to weed out those who copy and paste the same messages to other people and will make sure that they read your profile so they can answer your question. It’s a great question to determine whether your potential online date is comfortable with giving and receiving compliments.

What About Your Family

Ask him or her where their family lives and whether he/she sees them often. Family values are really important to almost everybody so you want to be sure that other person’s prospective of family matches your prospective. This will definitely affect your possible future, so it’s important to know ahead of time.

Never ask them about their income or about their last relationships. This will only ruin the mood and you could lose a potential life partner.

eHarmony & OurTime – Which is the Best One for Over 50 Singles?

1. eHarmony

The thing which truly sets this popular over 50 dating site apart from the rest is its exclusive matching platform. You won`t need to check out profiles similar to many dating websites. Rather, you need to answer for the website to bring the most suitable matches for you. You give the most suitable answers for the software program to find the best match for you.

If you`re one of those who want to try internet dating, however don`t want to browse through a number profiles just like when you`re looking for new clothes, then eHarmony is a perfect option for you.


This is among the biggest mature dating sites online dedicated particularly for the people who`re 50 or more. At, the user profiles are simple & stripped down. You need to answers some like the previous one. But, it does not offer certain features which are more sophisticated & found in bigger dating websites. Nevertheless, as the site is smaller and intended exclusively for over 50 daters, you`re better odds of finding your perfect partner on as compared to other sites. Here is the reviews of ourtime mature dating site for over 50 singles .

3. OkCupid

The above mentioned popular dating sites might assist you in snagging dates, still all of them have one downside which is their cost.

For those who`re searching for a free website, look no further than OkCupid. With OkCupid, you can wet your toe in the pool of dating prior to even trying any one of the paid options in this article. The site offers a special features known as quick match.?Here, you need to swiftly cycle thru a few decent matches depending upon your personal profile. Then, pick those which you find interesting. If the other person has similar feelings for you, it is possible that they may show their interest in you as well.


Even though may be considered as one of the most popular dating sites online for younger people, you can also find a huge number of over 50 daters on it as well. This makes the site ideal for senior people who`re single. Actually, according to, over 30 percent of its huge user base come in the age group of 50 or above. In this reviews of the top 5 dating sites for seniors over 50.

What`s more, you can try out completely for free. Just make a brief profile just for the purpose of browsing & then think of various ways you to improve your profile after some period. But, in order to actually begin contacting the users, you`re required to pay for the membership each month.

4. AYI

Perhaps you aren`t that comfortable with the present world of online social websites. You`re looking to meet individuals in the old style, or by noticing friends of your friends who may have similar interests as you. Well, there`s no need to abandon the technology for this purpose. If you like to stay active on FaceBook, then AYI can be a perfect option for you. The site associates with your account on FB & then tells you who amongst your contacts in social media could possibly be a better match for you.

The Latest Over 50 Dating Trends

Dating is one of the wonderful experiences that everyone should have in his life. Most of the people prefer dating in their adult age but nowadays the opportunities are not less for the old people too. As special dating websites has been developed for senior singles, more people are taking advantage of this. Though the purpose behind dating is the same but the trends go on changing with time. Here, in this article we are going to mention the latest over 50 dating trends.

  • Preference to online dating
    It is not only among the young people to go for online dating but the senior people also prefer it due to number of reasons. Online dating enables you to know the person before your first date. You can chat with the person, share your beliefs, talk with him on the phone and only meet him if you want. Online dating is best for those who are unable to meet the likely people in their daily life or who are too busy.
    No matter you are seriously looking for someone or just want to date for enjoying the company of different people, online dating works better in both the ways.
  • Dating with the different type of partner
    There are chances that you date with the person not for the reason that he/she is right for you, but only because you feel comfortable with the similar people. However, people nowadays are trying their relationship with the person who is different from their previous date. It let them bring clarity in their preferences that what kind of person they want for their successful relationship.
  • Testing the feelings instead of qualities
    It happens most of the times that the person which you choose based on the list of qualities is not right for you. So, instead of looking for the particular qualities in the person, elder people nowadays like to spend some time with him to find that how they feel when the person is around them.
  • Dating the young people
    Most of the people like to date the person of same age but it is one of the over 50 dating trends that some elders prefer to date with the partner who is too or less young to them. It is not necessary to date with the particular age partners; you can choose the one according to your likes. If you like to date the young person and are dating online then don’t try to cheat him/her about your age. Make him/her know about your desires and only move further if he/she is also interested.
  • Vague relationships
    No doubt that at the age of 50 people become more serious about their relationship, but still many of them get involved in the vague relationships. For instance, they don’t want to appear too attached, interested or too involved in the relationship because they are not interested in taking any responsibility for the feelings of other person.

However, despite of the changing trends, there are the people who still take the over 50 dating as one of the serious and valuable experience of their life.