DATING VS RELATIONSHIP – Reach the Destination of Relationship

Dating is the ladder to reach the destination of relationship! Some step up the whole ladder to reach to the top while some who are still doubtful do not! Dating is the base of any relationship. As you get to know the person you are dating; you decide whether he is your Prince charming or she is your Princess. If it is so then you move ahead to convert your casual date into a committed relationship. Dating Vs Relationship has always been the hot topic but it always has an edge! Take a look!

    The adage goes by that in this critical journey of life, every single step matters! While you are dating somebody don’t fast forward and enter into relationship. You have got this time to know each other and take a decision which is extremely crucial. No wonder dating is fun and exciting. It is true but with conditions! If every new day you have a new guy or a girl to date then you may never be able to settle down.Using online websites and if you got caught into its lust then you may never be able to come back.
    The journey of dating is very crucial as it can help you in meeting your soul mate. Instant results are never promising! A brewed coffee is always better than the instant coffee! So it is always recommended to take your time and decide if this person deserves to be you’re everything for life! If yes then move ahead and if no then don’t linger it on!
    While you are dating somebody you have to understand that your decision is going to effect two lives. So make sure that your decision is mutual. Even if you want to quit this part then make it mutual. Your sudden silence may not be fruitful. Some narrow minded people believe that dating is a bad thing and you should stay away from this ‘disease’! But it is certainly not! It is just a medium to understand and discover the requirements of other person and if you think you are capable to be a couple satisfying each other then bingo!
    There are two ways to do something! You have to enter into a relationship some day so there are two roads before you. You can choose to enter directly into a relationship or you can first date and then enter the relationship. The latter is the safer one! There are many successful stories of couple directly going into relationship but it may not be true in every case. Only you can answer the question of your relationship and dating helps you in answering that helps you to know whether you can share your rest of the life with this person or not!

So both dating and relationship has its own relevance. Dating is the seed in the tree of relationship! Prolonged dating can help in preparing you for a relationship. It will help you in getting into relationship in the long run!