eHarmony & OurTime – Which is the Best One for Over 50 Singles?

1. eHarmony

The thing which truly sets this popular over 50 dating site apart from the rest is its exclusive matching platform. You won`t need to check out profiles similar to many dating websites. Rather, you need to answer for the website to bring the most suitable matches for you. You give the most suitable answers for the software program to find the best match for you.

If you`re one of those who want to try internet dating, however don`t want to browse through a number profiles just like when you`re looking for new clothes, then eHarmony is a perfect option for you.


This is among the biggest mature dating sites online dedicated particularly for the people who`re 50 or more. At, the user profiles are simple & stripped down. You need to answers some like the previous one. But, it does not offer certain features which are more sophisticated & found in bigger dating websites. Nevertheless, as the site is smaller and intended exclusively for over 50 daters, you`re better odds of finding your perfect partner on as compared to other sites. Here is the reviews of ourtime mature dating site for over 50 singles .

3. OkCupid

The above mentioned popular dating sites might assist you in snagging dates, still all of them have one downside which is their cost.

For those who`re searching for a free website, look no further than OkCupid. With OkCupid, you can wet your toe in the pool of dating prior to even trying any one of the paid options in this article. The site offers a special features known as quick match.?Here, you need to swiftly cycle thru a few decent matches depending upon your personal profile. Then, pick those which you find interesting. If the other person has similar feelings for you, it is possible that they may show their interest in you as well.


Even though may be considered as one of the most popular dating sites online for younger people, you can also find a huge number of over 50 daters on it as well. This makes the site ideal for senior people who`re single. Actually, according to, over 30 percent of its huge user base come in the age group of 50 or above. In this reviews of the top 5 dating sites for seniors over 50.

What`s more, you can try out completely for free. Just make a brief profile just for the purpose of browsing & then think of various ways you to improve your profile after some period. But, in order to actually begin contacting the users, you`re required to pay for the membership each month.

4. AYI

Perhaps you aren`t that comfortable with the present world of online social websites. You`re looking to meet individuals in the old style, or by noticing friends of your friends who may have similar interests as you. Well, there`s no need to abandon the technology for this purpose. If you like to stay active on FaceBook, then AYI can be a perfect option for you. The site associates with your account on FB & then tells you who amongst your contacts in social media could possibly be a better match for you.