Online Dating Lies Men Tell

online-dating-liesIt is common to feel like somebody lied on his or her online dating profile when you meet for a date for the first time. A study by the Michigan State University found out that over 90% of people lied on their dating profiles. No matter how good your convincing skills are, you will end up explaining yourself when you meet. Below is a compilation of the lies men tell on their online dating profiles.

Old Photos

Men will put up old photos as their profile pictures. Getting a date from an online crush is because of how you look on the profile picture and how well you can strike up a conversation. This will make an online crush expect to see you as you are when you finally land that date. When you go for a date, the online love interest will feel cheated because of the use of a non-current photo.

Use of Online Dating sites

A common lie men will tell is that a friend or member of their family uploaded their profiles. Although this is a legitimate claim, any woman who is interested in a man will see through this facade. She will have tracked all the changes a man will make to his profile and will lose trust in you when you tell it.


Age is one of the moist common lies told on online dating and men are the least honest about it. This is common with middle-aged men trying to seem younger to attract younger women. Young men also lie to be older to attract older women. On the online dating profile, each user can specify the age bracket they want and the minute you reveal the actual age that will be the end of your short relationship. If you are looking to date younger or older women, go to places you can meet them face to face and know if they are into that sort of thing.

Height and weight

This is another common dating lie told by men. Just because you found an attractive woman, who wants a 6 ft tall man to date and you are barely 5’8’’, no lies are required because you will only get to feel her charm on the online dating site. Weight is another issue, where a man who never works out claims to be ripped, only for the woman to find out he is a big blob of a couch potato.

Six figure salary

There is a concept that women looking for a relationship from an online dating profile are looking for filthy rich men. This makes men lie that they are making six figures on a monthly basis. This is until they find out you are broke when your waiter brings your declined credit card.

 It is one thing lie online, and it is another to live a lie when you start dating the person you met online. It would not hurt, to tell the truth, and find somebody looking for someone like your real self.