Things to Remember When You`re Dating for the Second Time

On your second date, it is good for both of you to know each other well. But avoid night long dialogs. Keep the dating period short & sweet, i.e., it should not exceed 4 hours.

You must keep the things positive, avoid talking about your ex-date. Also avoid moaning & saying nobody loves you. Besides, avoid any discussion related to sex. Such things can turn off your partner (especially women) pretty quickly.

At times, the First Date may have been awful, still you must give them one more chance. Most persons get very upset during their first Date. In case the 2nd Date is still tense, simply give up & avoid giving them a new chance. Because, a third date might turn out to be disastrous.

Also, avoid rushing straight in physical contact with your date.
You must be able to compliment your partner. You must be straight enough to tell where your relationship is going. Avoid waiting till the very end. Also, your partner would love hearing the compliments made to him/her.

You must continue doing whichever things you did during your very first date like holding the doors open, or pulling out chair for the partner. You must defiantly carry on doing it when you`re on your second date. In case you simply stop doing it, your date might think it was simply an act to get them.

You must also try to open up slightly more as compared to when you were on the first Date. You could tell a few embarrassing incidences to the partner which would let your partner feel a lot closer to you, since they`re trying to know almost everything about you as well as your lifestyle. Even better if you`re any funny incidences to tell!

Avoid communication about sensitive topics like politics & religion, you might not know just what your dating partner thinks of such topics, and you do not want to hurt them up in any way!

You must reference the initial date, recall the things you learnt of your Date in the first date. Make sure you mention that because this will prove you not only were listening to your partner carefully, but were interested in their topics as well. It is even better if previously your dating partner told you they plan to do something. Now that you have met for the second time, you can ask them how things went on.

In summary, here are a few things to remember:

Continue understanding your dating partner.

Keep things positive.

This may be your final opportunity to date someone.

Avoid rushing the things.

Be clear as to how you see the relationship.

Pick your topics sensibly.

Try to open yourself up a bit.

If you follow the above mentioned tips and advices, you`re sure to have a memorable experience on the second date. You will be able to know your date well as well as decide whether you want to continue the relationship or not.